Ask us to bring the OptiGas Road Show to your location

IG road show

We’ve loaded up OptiGas, FastGas, ThermalCHECK and HELANTEC systems and are hitting the road. Why? So you can get hands on with the possibilities these solutions bring to your business. To request a visit to your facility, click here.

Fill IG with argon in 10 seconds with new FastGas

FastGas fast argon fillingFastGas is a high-speed argon-only system that fills standard IG units in 10 seconds, two units at a time. It is the first one-operator gas filling system that can keep pace with Intercept production lines. See it in action in the video on the FastGas page.

FastGas details and video

Verify gas content with ThermalCHECK

ThermalCheck IG gas verificationWhat fits on a tabletop and measures and verifies the actual gas content of IG units? Affordable ThermalCHECK. It samples your production to provide statistically significant assurance that your quality control goals are being met, then prints a time-stamped label with the fill rate, a tremendous advantage at retail when prospects ask, “How do I know the gas is in there?”

ThermalCHECK details


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